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Specialists in user-led digital experiences, websites and apps.

We're here to help improve your website or application using our UX design expertise and Conversion Rate Optimisation services.

We'll research your target audience, workshop new ideas and design intuitive digital interfaces to increase interaction and convert more users.

You can call upon our 20+ years experience in CRO and digital design to help you increase the impact of your website or application.

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"Higher Ground worked swiftly, and with tight execution to deliver an outstanding site within 3 months. Our conversion rates are up ~400%... most effective marketing spends you can make."
Tom Cornwell, Fettle
"A real focus on driving more profitability from website design... I have worked with Higher Ground for many years on UX/UI projects. The results for clients are more leads and sales from their website."
Michael Plummer, JCB
"Higher Ground have been working with us for over two years. They lead the way in helping us create a powerful freight booking application plus a whole suite of digital platforms and websites we are using commercially. "
Robert Lynch, Couriers & Freight

We have enabled business growth for many global companies


We can help you make an impact through UX Design & Conversion Rate Optimisation

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Why is UX good for business?

We have created a  FREE PDF which explains our process and the business value of UX. If your looking to invest into UX and gain high levels of business growth this PDF is for you.

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Lower cost of customer acquisition.
Increased customer retention.
Gain more insights from user engagement.
Optimize resources, development time and costs.
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